Posted by: Helen De Prima | December 24, 2016

High Road Home revisited

Hanging for the moment at the final editorial stages of Luke’s Ride, the third book for in the Cameron’s Pride series for Harlequin Heartwarming, I decided to dress up the image of my first novel, The High Road Home. I published HRH independently with Amazon’s Create Space; it remains the story closest to my heart, based loosely on my own family relationships in Kentucky and my early experiences in Colorado.

Since attending a class on book trailers at the New Hampshire Writers Project, I’ve toyed with the idea of creating one for HRH, using my own photos and a sound track borrowed from Apple’s Garage Band app. I’m far from computer-savvy, maybe comparable to the fifth-grade reading level. A lot of coaching went into the project from a whole team at various Apple stores plus a final heave over the top by my daughter, a publishing/editorial pro, but I’m pretty happy with my first effort. I hope you enjoy the result and that it will entice you to take a look at The High Road Home, available from both Amazon and Barnes&


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