Posted by: Helen De Prima | February 1, 2010

The Dreaded Head Shot

Because my agent feels we’re getting close to pitching The High Road Home to editors, she asked for a bio and photo. No sweat about the bio, just jot down a few notes about an unremarkable life aside from running a half-way house for critters ranging from bats to beavers to white-tailed deer. The photo thing scared the poo out of me — I hadn’t endured a formal sitting since my wedding portrait. When a friend who works at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in western MA offered to set up a session, I accepted; I had no better plan. My friend introduced me to the instructor who would shoot me — David something. I was too nervous to catch his last name.

David immediately set me at ease, making me a partner in the process as he shot frame after frame, more than fifty. It stopped being scary and became downright fun. He made me a disk for me to pore over at home, instructing me to choose my five favorites for re-touching, and accepted an invitation to dinner as a thank-you.

Over dinner at Gill Tavern in Gill, MA, I finally learned David’s last name.  I’d just had a session with David Turner who photographs Beautiful People like Ralph Lauren, Donald Trump, Kyra Sedgewick, and Sean Combs as well as fashion models too numerous to mention. I damn near fainted. If I had known whom I was meeting, I probably wouldn’t have had the nerve to show up. A little ignorance can be a wonderful thing.


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