Posted by: Helen De Prima | December 24, 2009

Setting out

All the experts (agents, editors and the like) say an online presence helps sell books. I’ll do most anything for an excuse to keep writing, so here goes. I hope old friends and new ones will join me through the process.



  1. Being a novelist myself, I’m interested in a writer’s journey through cyberspace though I think after I hit the “submit” key I may be longing for that chance to edit. Is it permitted to advertise a specific book on the site?

    • I can edit endlessly after publishing a post. Don’t know about other blog sites, but it’s easy on WordPress.

  2. Helen, you write beautifully. I remember reading your early drafts and couldn’t put them down. Consider me one of your loyal fans who will bring out the sparklers at each and every milestone you WILL achieve!!!

    • Thanks for your kind words. The work you saw so long ago was a completely different book in the mystery series I hope to revisit. THE HIGH ROAD HOME is a road story, a story of self-discovery, and a love story — but not a romance (no bare-chested cowboy on the cover).

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